ESSE -certified organic skincare with premium probiotic range and the world's most advanced probiotic anti-ageing products.
ESSE basic facial treatment 79€ 60min

BTB13 Medical cosmetic - When ordinary cosmetics are not enough
BTB13- patented stem cell technology Anti-age/purifying/sensitive facial treatments
60min 69€, 90min 89€, 100min 99€ (with back- and leg massage)

Ekopharma - Finnish natural cosmetics, based on berries
For young skin (greasy, mixed or acne) EkoPharma purifying facial treatment 52€

Radiofregvens facial treatment 79€

Express beauty with alginate mask 40€
Casmara gold mask 49€

Microneedling 130€ (recommend 3 times semiannual)
+ 1st visit Anti-Redness Cream 38€

Aroma bodymassage 70€, with hot stones 73€
Fytoaroma massage with body sugar peeling, hot stones ja bamboo sticks 73€

Manicure and nail polish with LED hardening 40€

Eyelashes and eyebrows tinting and shaping, only in connection with facial treatment:

* Eyelashes tinting & brows shaping and tinting 15€
* Eyebrows shaping and/or tinting 8€
* Eyelashes tinting 8€

Lash enhancements (classic) 90€
* Lash maintenance 30min 40€ - 60min 60€ - 75min 65€ - 80min 70,00 - 90min 75€ - 120min 85€

Lymfa boots 30min 20€ Lymfa boots 30min
Lymfa boots in connection with a facial, lash enhancements for free

Foot pampering, peeling and massage 55€ Without peeling 40€

You warmly welcome!

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I carry my camera almost everywhere, and I love travelling. I like to do things today instead of tomorrow. I am into interior decoration, DYI building and gardening. Before starting in the beauty business, I
worked in the visual field and communications.

I will always offer you the best treatments suited especially for you.

A peaceful moment does wonders to both, your beauty and your mind.